Podiatrist Travels to Haiti

International Medical Relief pic

International Medical Relief
Image: internationalmedicalrelief.org

Podiatrist Dr. Amannda Richline is committed to using her skills to help as many people as possible. In 2012, Dr. Amannda Richline traveled to Haiti to care for the country’s extremely underserved population.

Dr. Richline responded to a call put out by International Medical Relief for physicians to travel to Haiti. The organization gave Dr. Richline the title of Chief Medical Officer. She arrived to find a desperate situation, in which she and her colleagues were on call 24 hours a day, even after they had run out of medicine. They often had to choose which desperately ill patients could receive hospital treatment.

Dr. Richline has since returned to Haiti several times and has traveled to Guatemala, where she provided medical care to hundreds and fitted patients with 1,600 pairs of shoes funded by a shoe drive at her medical practice. Dr. Richline also distributed pet food and supplies to homeless animals. Showing no signs of stopping her outreach efforts, Dr. Richline is dedicated to the parrot rescue she founded, called Sy’s Piece of Heaven, and she continuously searches for ways she can help people and animals in need.


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