How to Support the Organization International Medical Relief

Dr. Amannda Richline is a New Jersey podiatrist committed to philanthropic work. In addition to owning and operating a nonprofit parrot rescue, Dr. Amannda Richline has participated in charitable work in Haiti as a chief medical officer with the organization International Medical Relief (IMR).

International Medical Relief pic

International Medical Relief

In December 2012, her work with IMR took her to Les Cayes, a town that is among the most destitute regions of Haiti, in order to care for men, women, and children in need in the wake of a large earthquake. She worked on call 24/7 in dangerous living conditions alongside several other medical professionals in order to provide services such as foot and wound care. Additionally, she supervised patients in “sick care areas” to ensure that those who needed treatment received adequate care.

By the time Dr. Richline returned for her third trip to Haiti with IMR, she and her colleagues were treating more than 300 people each day. Her work and the efforts of other IMF volunteers allowed people from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive the medical and dental care that they needed.

Organizations such as IMR seek support to keep these services available to populations in need. Those interested in supporting the work of IMR can find more information about volunteer opportunities and ways to donate to the organization at


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