New Jersey Podiatrist Rescues Dogs and Cats from Difficult Conditions


Mayan Families pic

Mayan Families

A podiatrist based in New Jersey, Dr. Amannda Richline also focuses on completing mission work in countries such as Guatemala, where she previously spent time treating and educating Mayan people from disadvantaged backgrounds. During a trip to Guatemala through the organization Mayan Families, Dr. Amannda Richline was moved by the plight of dogs and cats living wild in the country and decided to take action.

In spite of a recent law established to protect animals against cruelty in Guatemala, dogs and cats continue to be mistreated and viewed as a source of food or labor. Sick animals are frequently abandoned due to poverty and cultural ambiguity toward their value, and veterinary care is scarce. Witnessing the suffering of these dogs and cats motivated the doctor to bring a dog from Guatemala to the United States for a better life, which required the completion of extensive tests, immunizations, and paperwork in order to meet stringent requirements established by the US government.

With assistance from Hope for the Animals, an affiliate of Mayan Families, Dr. Richline paid for all the examinations and paperwork filings, along with an airline ticket to bring the dog home. Not content with saving the life of just one animal, she then brought five additional dogs and two cats to the United States for local adoption. As of December 2015, she had brought 35 dogs and four cats to the US from Guatemala, and she continues to pay for all expenses incurred through their veterinary fees and boarding. Adopting these animals is free. All of the animals that have benefited from the doctor’s work can be viewed on her Facebook page.


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